If you feel you are in a situation where there is an immediate and serious risk, it is best to visit your local Accident and Emergency service, or to dial 999.  Click here to visit the NHS Choices website, which can help you locate your nearest NHS service.

In times of difficulty many people find it helpful to talk to a general support service such as the Samaritans.  We have also listed a number of useful organisations, many of which offer guidance and support with specialist knowledge of dissociative disorders, on our Resources page.

In other circumstances, and to discuss longer term mental health care needs, we would recommend talking to your GP or local NHS mental health service.  If you feel it would be helpful, you are welcome to pass on the details of our service, and if you would like a member of our team to speak to someone currently involved in your care, we are happy to do so where appropriate.


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Open Monday – Friday, from 9am to 5pm.

35 Tottenham Lane
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Contact Details

We are a national service and work with people from all over the country and we have a network of psychotherapists working in various locations across England.

Email: enquiries@clinicds.com
Tel: 020 7794 1655