Is CDS UK for me?

CDS UK might be for you if it is suspected that you have a dissociative disorder and usual NHS services have been tried and deemed unsuitable or ineffective. Typically, to be considered for funding by your local NHS funding organisation you will need to have already had some engagement with local NHS services.

Do I have a dissociative disorder?

At CDS UK we are not able to answer this question without a diagnostic assessment. There are some screening tools you may wish to use in order to understand and observe your levels of dissociation.  Although these cannot provide a confirmed diagnosis and are not a substitute for a full diagnostic assessment.

Dissociative experiences scale – II (DES-II) 

The somatoform dissociation questionnaire (SDQ-20) 

How do I get referred to CDS UK?

At CDS UK we accept referrals in writing from GPs, NHS Mental health professionals and in some instances from private mental health professionals. Please ask your GP or other professional to contact us for further information or direct them to visit this page to advise them of what should be included in the referral.

Do you accept self-referrals or privately funded patients?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept self-referrals or privately funded patients at this moment in time.

I am struggling to get my GP or other mental health professional to make a referral for me

We acknowledge that it can be very difficult for dissociative patients to be supported in finding appropriate treatment for a variety of reasons. If you are finding it difficult to approach your GP about this, please do get in touch to see if we can help.

I am based outside of the UK, can you still help me?

Unfortunately, we are only able to work with patients based in the UK at this time. We would, however, direct you to the ESTD or ISSTD who may be able to assist you further.

Where can I find out more about Dissociative Disorders?

You can read about the different disorders here.

What other help is available?

You may wish to access some helpful resources that we have collated by clicking here.