CDS UK offers a wide range of services, including:

  • Individual assessments to offer a robust diagnosis for those who may have a dissociative disorder and to suggest options for treatment. This includes a full psychotherapeutic interview and SCID-D diagnostic assessment. A psychiatric consultation is available when required. Please click here for further information about our assessments
  • Bespoke specialist psychotherapy packages for individuals, couples or family members, on an intensive or less intensive basis. Please click here for further information about our psychotherapy packages.
  • Training, consultancy and supervision for local health and social care professionals who are working with people who have dissociative disorders.
  • Lectures, seminars and training events for charitable organisations and others in related fields.
  • Forensic and court work, including risk assessments.
  • Family assessments where indicated.

CDS UK is a charity organisation and an independent provider to the NHS so all of our assessment and treatment patients are referred via NHS pathways. Unfortunately, we do not at this time accept private or self-referrals. We also do not accept self-funded assessments and/or treatment.